Waregem Horse Week chooses to implement iXpole

Do you remember “Jumping Antwerpen”? Striving to do better, each year again, the organisers of Jumping Antwerpen decided to look for another location after 9 successful years in Antwerp. Waregem -already well known for its Waregem Koerse– turned out to be the perfect fit for this prestigious 5* jumping, re-baptised as “Waregem Horse Week”. After a successful first edition in 2018; the second edition of Waregem Horse Week (WHW) will take place from 26 until 29 September 2019.

This 4-day event will take place in the well known hippodrome of Waregem Koerse. The hippodrome will be transformed to a spectacular sports arena where the worlds best riders and horses will compete against each other for the impressive 5* ‘Gand Prix’ of the Waregem Horse Week. There will also be 1*, 2* and Young Horses competitions during this week.

Organisers of prestigious show jumping events depend heavily on revenues from sponsorship and hospitality. To keep living up to the expectations of this customer segment, digital transformation is key. That is why Waregem Horse Week has decided to implement iXpole.

Getting the most out of the experience

iXpole believes that there is another way to offer VIP hospitality services. A way that needs a lot less administrative and repetitive work. A way where VIPs enjoy higher satisfaction, less stress; where they can just enjoy and get the most out of their VIP experience. A happy customer (and a happy employee) will automatically lead to higher revenues, turning the B2B operations into the most important source of operational revenue for our customers.

iXpole develops Cloud solutions to automate all operational and administrative processes related to VIP hospitality and sponsorship. iXpole automates all processes and workflows, drastically reducing all administrative tasks and drastically increasing the efficiency. iXpole is entirely centered around the customer journey before, during and after the event.

“Flexibility is key in hospitality. But the more flexible you are, the higher the risk for errors in the execution of your promises. That is why we are so excited that we finally found a tool that can be mapped to automate our specific processes. Through centralisation of the data and automation of the processes our team will have less work, but our customers will receive much better service, including a fully digital self-service platform”, said Pieter Dejager from Waregem Horse Week

Luc Vanhecke, co-founder of iXpole added “We are happy to see that Waregem Horse Week has decided to go for a total solution, whereby we first structure the data and processes. We built a VIP service portal on top of that, but this is just the beginning. Now that all data and processes are structured, the sky is the limit”