iXpole to manage VIP hospitality at KVM’s AFAS stadium

After an impressive upgrade of their stadium and its VIP infrastructure, KV Mechelen, playing at the Belgian AFAS Stadium, have decided to deploy iXpole for the next season.

Two seasons ago KV Mechelen got relegated to Belgium’s 1B competition but during 2018-19, the “Malinwa” had one of their best seasons ever. Not only did they succeed in winning the Belgian Croky Cup, they also won the 1B competition, meaning they promote to 1A in 2019-2020.

The club’s sportive results are not the only reason why KV Mechelen earns its spot in the Belgian 1A competition. In the past few years the club has been investing heavily in professionalization at all levels. A couple of seasons ago they sold their naming rights to AFAS Software, one of the most prominent ERP software solution providers in The Netherlands. The AFAS Software solution is used in virtually each professional football club in the Dutch first and second division. The club also made serious investments at infrastructural level. In the past 2 seasons, the stadium was heavily upgraded, including an expansion of the VIP capacity to 3000 seats.

Together with KVCS, their catering partner, the club offers unforgettable experiences during the game as well as professional catering solutions on non-matchdays. The stadium has become one of the most prominent event locations in the city.

In terms of digital innovation, KVM is probably at the forefront of digital innovation and wants to stay on that track for its VIP management. For season 2019-2020 KVM has decided to deploy iXpole.

Gert Aerts, Marketing & Sales Manager at KV Mechelen states: “We’ve been following iXpole for a while. With our ties to AFAS Software, we were already investing in the optimization of our internal business processes. But now that we are sure about our promotion and with all the investments we’ve made in the stadium and the VIP infrastructure, we just had to integrate iXpole into our organization. We started quite late but are confident we’ll make a great start and will offer our VIP customers the best possible experience.”

iXpole is there to reinforce AFAS Software and vice-versa

Gorik Vandersanden, co-founder of iXpole adds: “we’ve been in contact with KVM for multiple years as we knew about their level of professionalism. Our partnership was unavoidable. We are aware about the level of service they offer and accept the challenge to improve it even more. The integration with AFAS Software is of crucial importance to us as it reinforces the message we’ve been spreading the past 3 years in the Netherlands: iXpole is there to reinforce AFAS Software and vice-versa”