iXpole member of the Gumption group of companies


iXpole, the Belgian software platform for sponsorship and hospitality management, has become associate member of Gumption.


As an associate member of the Gumption group of companies, iXpole will benefit from a fresh injection of capital on the one hand and from an extensive range of skills available through the supporting Gumption framework on the other hand.

iXpole is designed specifically to assist medium and large sports clubs and similar organisations professionalising their VIP hospitality- and sponsorship processes. Through extensive process automation the club will not only operate more efficiently but is also in a position to offer its most important customers -the business partners- a much more comprehensive, yet pragmatic customer journey.

In that respect iXpole is perfectly complementary with the other entities in Gumption, which focus on operational efficiency: from change management, ERP implementation, business consulting over testing automation, Business Intelligence and customer journey optimisation. iXpole is in use at RSC Anderlecht, Standard de Liège, R Antwerp FC and 6 more clubs.

We deliberately did not opt for traditional funding formulas like a business angel or an investment company. At Gumption, we become part of a larger entity. This reinforces our credibility and gives us access to additional resources and specialists to drive our expansion. Our existing customers will also benefit from this.

The deal with Gumption is two-fold. Gumption invests a significant amount in iXpole. This investment enables iXpole to further increase its development capacity, necessary to maintain its position as market leader in this dynamic market. It also provides iXpole the means to further market its solution abroad, where most clubs/organisations still rely on spreadsheets to manage VIP hospitality and sponsorship operations.

Secondly, iXpole will become part of the Gumption family of specialists. As a result, iXpole will get easier access to different types of resources allowing for substantial cross-fertilisation in terms of development, recruitment and consulting.

This partnership is the next logical step in iXpole’s growth strategy.

We have deliberately not gone for classic funding channels like business angels or investment companies. At Gumption we will become part of a greater entity. This gives us the necessary body, a pool of resources and a team of specialists who can accompany us in our growth and international expansion. Our customers will benefit most from this operation, as it will turn us into an even more professional company than we already were.

Gumption’s core focus is on optimising all aspects of operational efficiency. This is exactly what iXpole offers in a very specific vertical. The whole professional sports and events scene is going through an accelerated curve of professionalisation. With iXpole and the other members of the group Gumption is ideally placed to support these entities in all parts of the organisation and in any stage of their evolution. We are looking forward to assist iXpole in lifting this sector to the next level.

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iXpole is pioneer and market leader in the optimisation of sponsorship- and VIP hospitality operations in professional sports clubs and similar organisations. The iXpole SaaS platform enables a club to automate all aspects of its dealings with business partners: from CRM and contract management, over stock management, catering management, to ticketing and automated invoicing. iXpole is the ERP developed specifically for sponsorship and hospitality management.

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