Antwerp gears up for Eurohockey, and so does iXpole

Antwerp gears up for Eurohockey, and so does iXpole

Gracias has selected iXpole to manage the ticketing and access control of the VIP area’s at the European Championship Field Hockey. The main driver for the partnership is the iXpole VIP portal which allows VIP’s to manage their tickets and invite their guests from one central platform.

From August 16 until August 24 the very best hockey teams are gathering in Wilrijk (Antwerp) for the European Championship Field Hockey. During this big hockey fest there are obviously plenty of opportunities to enjoy different VIP hospitality formula’s.

Gracias, part of the Golazo Group, is responsible for the entire VIP hospitality management at the site. They expect nearly 10,000 VIPs to attend the Championship over the 9 days.

The VIP’s experience starts way before he arrives at the entrance of the VIP village, as he needs to get a hold of his ticket. What makes VIP hospitality services so specific is that the person arriving at the entrance is not necessarily the person who booked the tickets. Many big corporations or banks buy multiple tickets to distribute to their invitees.

It was crucial for Gracias to be able to offer their customers the possibility to distribute their tickets easily and insightfully to their invitees, preferably with a certain level of personalization (invitee name, programme, …)

For this reason they deiced to work with iXpole and make use of the contextual tickets and the iXpole VIP desk. The most critical part of the whole project was: time. First contacts were made mid July and first tickets already had to be made available early August. It was a tight one, but -thanks to a very close cooperation between the two parties- we managed to deliver. This is an achievement we can truly be proud of.

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