Change The Game final results in the signing of LOI

Together with football club AFC Ajax and the KNVB, the Johan Cruijff Arena went looking for scale-ups who can help them take the next step in terms of innovation. Just like 11 other companies, iXpole sent out a candidature for the category ‘Excellent Experiences’.

In total, there were 198 companies who submitted their solution. 35 of them were selected for the Final event in the Johan Cruijff Arena. During this 2-day collaboration event, which was comparable to a “hackaton”, every company got the chance to meet representatives of the 3 stakeholders. There was also a possibility to look for cross-fertilisations with other finalists.

The ultimate goal was to submit a proposal at the end of the 2 days, which would show the value case for 1 or all 3 parties.

iXpole was one of the finalists who succeeded in convincing both the Johan Cruijff ArenaA as AFC Ajax of the positive effects of iXpole on the customer journey of the business partners of both parties.

As cherry on the pie, the Johan Cruijff Arena, AFC Ajax and iXpole have proceeded to the signing of a Letter Of Intent, which should give rise to a long-term cooperation.

The Change the Game collaboration event were 2 very exciting days. The way in which these 2 days were interpreted was incredibly efficient and professional. Other clubs that are considering investing in innovation should take this as an example.