ASNL launches iXpole at the start of season 2018-19

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A new season, a new start. A philosophy that applies all the more to ASNL than any other club in Ligue 2. After a complicated season, in which they finally succeeded securing a position in the Domino’s Ligue 2, Jacques Rousselot announced his departure and the resale of his shares to an American investment fund.

Today the whole club is ready for a rebound in the new season, ASNL has always been an innovative club. At the dawn of this 2018/2019 season, ASNL continues to be fully committed to innovation. This time, the club’s VIP partners will quickly be able to witness significant improvements in their VIP services. During the first championship match on 27-07 against Béziers, ASNL will enter into partnership with iXpole, a software service already used by the majority of Belgian JPL clubs.


“From the very beginning, it was clear to us that the ASNL wanted to innovate and become more professional. This is exactly what iXpole aims to offer clubs: a tool to automate and innovate. We are very pleased to launch ASNL as a pilot customer in France and look forward to a long-term collaboration,” Luc Vanhecke of iXpole.



iXpole enables ASNL to automate all its B2B processes, in order to optimise customer contacts and increase its service levels. As a first improvement, ASNL’s partners will get access to a self-service VIP portal. This portal will enable partners to manage their own electronic tickets: print, download, transmit and personalise. In addition, iXpole allows you to book or confirm catering options or order additional VIP services.

“We have experienced a few stressful months but now that the future of the club is assured, we can continue to build on our long-term plans. iXpole is a strategic choice that will allow us to raise the level of our services significantly. ” Benjamin Brabant, Commercial Director of ASNL

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About Luc

Luc is Business Development Manager at iXpole. Luc is on the constant lookout for ways to grow the iXpole community. This means of course a lot of evangelisation with sports clubs, fixed venue event operators and other potential users of the platform. Aside from that Luc also forges strategic partnerships of all kinds and looks after our marketing and communication.

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