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VIP Front Desk

On match days, your only concern should be your VIP customers. The reception must be professional and relaxed. This is where you can make a difference. Using iXpole, the hostesses will know exactly which package the customer has purchased and they can guide them to their reserved seats personally.

Premium Seats

No better place to watch a game than the luxurious and exclusive premium seats. They are available in several styles: sky box, outside seats, business seats,… Thanks to our stadium plan, it is easy to populate all seats and to create a nice atmosphere in a packed stadium. The customer can then enjoy the game and network at the same time!


Get a one-click overview of the booked menus in your restaurants. Customers can go through them online. Furthermore, the tickets are personalized with information based on seating an ordered catering.


Parking spaces in iXpole are set up the same way as regular seats, which makes it easy for you to maintain. Let your customers print out the parking tickets themselves at home or they can effortlessly download them to their smartphone. You save time as there is no need to send paper parking cards anymore.

    • Make a difference in VIP customer service
    • One-click overview of booked restaurant menus

    • Populate all seats thanks to our stadium plan
    • Easily maintain parking spaces

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