Innovation and eficiency; Noliko Maaseik takes the next step in hospitality and sponsorship management

Sports is Business!

Not only for football clubs. Many other sports divisions also rely heavily on business partners to survive in the competitive landscape. And so does Noliko Maaseik, currently leading the Belgian volleyball competition.

from left to right: Robby Janssen (iXpole), Jelte Maan (Noliko Maaseik player – nbr 5), Joeri Vlemmings (iXpole), Luc Vanhecke (iXpole)

In exchange for the partners’ investments in the club, Noliko Maaseik insists in giving their business partners value for money. During home games Noliko Maaseik aims at offering its business partners the best VIP experience. From exquisite wining and dining, over great visibility packages and an overwhelming atmosphere, to a big after party.

Throughout and beyond the games, Noliko Maaseik wants to offer its business partners the best possible framework to successfully network and do business. In its continued search for service improvements, Noliko Maaseik has decided to join forces with iXpole.

Noliko Maaseik and iXpole: partners for hospitality and sponsorship in volleyball

The iXpole platform will be used for internal process improvements like CRM, contract management, ticketing, invoicing and Business Intelligence. Through service improvements, this will have an indirect impact on the service level. But the impact on the business partners will also be direct: through a VIP portal business partners will be able to carefully plan their match: manage and personalise tickets for their invitees, order catering and extra’s, consult invoices and much more.

The new service will go live at the start of season 2017-2018. This is a great step for iXpole. It demonstrates that a professional hospitality and sponsorship platform is not an exclusivity for football clubs.



iXpole is a cloud based solution helping professional sports clubs professionalise their internal business processes. iXpole centralises all data related to the club’s business partners (like contract management, hospitality, sponsorship, ticketing) in one tool, allowing each internal user to have access anywhere, anytime to the most up-to-date information about his customer. No more lists, phone calls or emails to get things done.

A club can grant each B2B customer access to the same information through his very own personalised VIP Portal where he can plan the match experience (print/assign tickets, order menu’s, order extra’s) but also create order forms or consult e-invoices.

iXpole is deployed at RSC Anderlecht and KV Oostende. In the season 2017-2018 iXpole will also be servicing professional sports clubs in other sports disciplines and other countries

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About Luc

Luc is Business Development Manager at iXpole. Luc is on the constant lookout for ways to grow the iXpole community. This means of course a lot of evangelisation with sports clubs, fixed venue event operators and other potential users of the platform. Aside from that Luc also forges strategic partnerships of all kinds and looks after our marketing and communication.

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