iXpole welcomes Royal Excel Mouscron as customer

Sports is Business!

When people think of a sports club, they think of the players, the coach and the manager. But there is much more to the success of a club. Behind the scenes many volunteers and staff work very hard to make sure their club can survive in the ever more competitive landscape. While players compete for the title, the sales people compete for the business.

Business partners at Royal Excel Mouscron are spoiled. They benefit of a great stadium, great hospitality services and a very dynamic team working hard to professionalise the club at all levels. As part of their dedication to professionalisation, Royal Excel Mouscron has decided to increase even more their already high level of service to their business partners. With iXpole they will improve the total match experience for their business partners. From contracting, over ticketing to match planning. The iXpole platform will make it possible to automate -and thus optimise- all flows.

As such, Royal Excel Mouscron wil be the fourth club in the Jupiler Pro League to deploy iXpole to increase the efficiency of their interactions with their business partners.

From left to right – Gautier Facon (RMP Foot), Luc Vanhecke (iXpole), Robby Janssen (iXpole)


iXpole is a cloud based solution helping professional sports clubs professionalise their internal business processes. iXpole centralises all data related to the club’s business partners (like contract management, hospitality, sponsorship, ticketing) in one tool, allowing each internal user to have access anywhere, anytime to the most up-to-date information about his customer. No more lists, phone calls or emails to get things done.

A club can grant each B2B customer access to the same information through his very own personalised VIP Portal where he can plan the match experience (print/assign tickets, order menu’s, order extra’s) but also create order forms or consult e-invoices.

iXpole is deployed at RSC Anderlecht and KV Oostende and soon to be live at RCS Charleroi and Royal Excel Mouscron. In the season 2017-2018 iXpole will also be servicing professional sports clubs in other sports disciplines and other countries

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