Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht


Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht
Anderlecht (Brussels), Belgium
Constant Vanden Stock Stadium
VIP Capacity

With iXpole we have better control over our sponsor and hospitality contracts.Gert Boutsen, Finance Manager


The initial problem with RSCA was cited by accounting as a communication issue between the sales and accounting department. There was not enough information available to create correct invoices and to do the follow up.

Sales were maintained in a complex Excel table from which the appropriate data for the accounting was impossible to derive. Because no sales contract management system was present at RSCA, it was impossible to record all the necessary sales information in a structured way. RSCA lost a significant amount of revenue annually. The workload in finance and sales was huge to steer this in the right direction.

A second issue RSCA faced was that there was no easy way to know the KPI’s on VIP & Hospitality, such as occupation rate for any upcoming match, number of ending contracts, …

If they wanted to know the occupancy rate for the upcoming or played matches, they needed to gather data out of several excel files, combine them and calculate the occupation rate themselves. This was such a hard task, is was almost never done.

Finally, RSCA wanted to improve their VIP customer experience. The VIP customers where already able to download their tickets.

Through an existing website the customers were already able to download and print their tickets . At RSCA, they were satisfied with this solution, however, it was too limited. They wanted their VIP customers to have the opportunity to invite their guests, to order extra seats and to renew their expiring contract themselves.

Our Days Sales Outstanding has been reduced significantly with iXpole.Gert Boutsen, Finance Manager


With iXpole, we provided a robust contract management solution that was able to manage all sales administration and had a full integration with their ERP software, SAP Business One.

To register a contract it is mandatory to complete all financial and legal data. This data is automatically transferred to SAP Business One, making invoicing fast and accurate. Important financial information, such as the invoice number and due date, are returned from the SAP Business One to iXpole.

The workload of finance and sales department was significantly reduced. This allows Sales to monitor their clients and allows Finance to focus on overdue payments. Overdue invoices have been reduced by 23% compared to the previous year.

Since all data is centrally maintained in iXpole it is now possible to have correct and clear reports and dashboards.

The stadiums occupation rate is displayed in real-time. They have a quick overview of available seats for each fixture. Several KPIs are displayed in multiple dashboards, such as expiring contract, active customers, total revenue, occupation rate, …

As a result RSCA management team has real-time insights at any time and any device on the daily operations of the VIP & Hospitality services.

To provide a better customer experience, our VIP portal was presented, styled to their corporate brand guidelines.

The customer can manage his own tickets, order additional options and extend his contracts. He has the ability to personalize the tickets and to invite his guests by email or smartphone. Thanks to a notification system it is possible to give the customer additional information.

The customer can manage his own portfolio. Back office is fully automated. This allows sales actively looking for new prospects.

The iXpole team has the knowledge and experience to provide optimal service. Furthermore, the system is very userfriendly.Cynthia Weemaels, Corporate Manager

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