Koninklijke Voetbalclub Oostende

Koninklijke Voetbalclub Oostende
Oostende, Belgium
Versluys Arena
VIP Capacity

We quickly realised that the increased VIP capacity would lead to increased workload of our teams. If you want to attract more business partners, you should not only offer them a state-of-the art stadium, but you have to ensure they also enjoy the highest level of service. With iXpole we have taken a significant step in upgrading the internal operations of our club.Patrick Orlans, General Manager, KVO

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Sports is Business!

At KVO “doing business” can be taken literally. Since its promotion back to first league in 2013-2014, KVO has been focussing heavily on turning their club into a business hub for the many local and (inter)national entrepreneurs. KVO strives to achieve a perfect symbiosis between Sports and Business.

Versluys Arena

In partnership with the construction company, Versluys, KVO started early 2016 with the renovation of its stadium, a very ambitious project. Within less than 6 months the “Versluys Arena” had to be ready for the new season. The stadium became a landmark for the city of Oostend.

As “doing business” is of crucial importance to KVO, the new stadium came with a totally new concept for business partners. Increased capacity, new hospitality formula’s, a totally new VIP experience.

Increased VIP capacity inevitably requires more sales efforts, not only to sign up new partners, but also to make sure all partners fully enjoy the totally renewed VIP experience. If your workload increases, but the team remains the same, only one option remains: increase your efficiency. It is no coincidence that KVO started implementing iXpole in the months leading up to the inauguration of the new stadium.

Upgrade to iXpole

Instead of relying on old software, spreadsheets and manually maintained lists, KVO switched to iXpole. Sales leads, contracts, the sponsoring product catalogue, hospitality formula’s, ticketing, invoice generation and all other information related to business partners are now managed centrally in iXpole. The iXpole cloud service manages the business heart for the club.

What is in it for the Business Partners?

The business partners probably don’t realise they also benefit directly from the iXpole service. Whenever they log on to their VIP portal to manage their tickets (downloading, sending to customers, printing), to order their hospitality or any extra’s, they actually log on to iXpole. We cut out the middleman, but in this case the middleman is very happy about that.

The past season was a roller coaster for KVO, full of change, great sports achievements, topped off with a first-ever European ticket. Firstly we want to congratulate KVO for the way they managed both their sports and internal business. We sincerely hope that our software has helped contributing to that success and look forward to the next 3 years of cooperation!.Gorik Vandersanden, Managing Director at iXpole

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