Access Control just got pimped: the iXpole VIP desk

Access Control just got pimped: the iXpole VIP desk

During the Tour de France’s “Grand Départ”, iXpole successfully concluded tests of the first version of its VIP Desk. The VIP Desk is a much more personalized solution for ticketing and access control, specifically developed to suit the needs of your most demanding customer segment: the VIPs.

While every self-respecting club is investing heavily in fan engagement initiatives, only a few are taking into account that the fastest growing customer segment is the market of VIP Hospitality and sponsorship customers. Except for the clubs with worldwide fame, clubs are bound by geography to expand their fan basis. But in terms of sponsorship and VIP hospitality, the market is far from saturated. It is merely a matter of matching offer with demand.

The first thing a club needs to realise is that their business partners have totally different objectives and expect a totally different journey. Being able to “do business” is certainly one of the main objectives and this requires efficiency at all levels, including “access”.

While part of the real fan experience is being immersed in the masses, your business partners don’t like to wait or line up. Fast access for themselves, but also for their invitees is of utmost importance.

The iXpole platform centralizes ALL information related to your partners’ customer journey in one single system. The first touchpoint on matchday is at the entrance of the stadium/VIP area. The iXpole VIP Desk is specifically developed to reduce waiting times at the VIP entrances and offer more personalized services. The iXpole VIP Desk is an access control app which can be loaded on a handheld barcode scanner. With this scanner your VIP personnel scans iXpole’s contextual tickets and provides the hostess/steward with all necessary information at one single glance: What is this person’s name; which formula is this VIP entitled to, who else is in his party and which of these invitees have already arrived; where does this VIP have access to and are there any specific requirements/deliverables that need to be taken into account.

The biggest advantage of iXpole is that all starts with the streamlining of all back office information. Once you have all this information centralized in one system, you can reuse it at any specific touchpoint. Not only the VIP Desk, but also iXpole’s VIP portal, iXpole tickets or any other touchpoint. This enables you to offer not only a streamlined experience, but also a very consistent one at each touchpoint, before, during and after the game.

Contact iXpole if you are ready to offer your VIPs the next level of end-to-end service.

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