The iXpole VIP Portal

Much more than a ticketing portal

The iXpole solution centralises all data related to your business partners in one central platform. In essence, the iXpole platform is the B2B extension to your ERP system (SAP, AFAS, MS Dynamics, MS Winbooks, Sage, …). Mainly the club’s sales people benefit from it, but also the accounting-, the ticketing-, the hospitality- and other teams. All teams can access the same information in real time. The advantages are obvious: less overhead, lower costs, higher efficiency. Finally, your management gets access to true Business Intelligence.

Thanks to Cloud computing and open API’s the benefits for the clubs multiply exponentially. Right from the start we decided not to limit the access to the platform to the club’s staff only, but to open it up to the business partners themselves.

The business partners can log on to iXpole through the VIP portal, to manage their preferences, plan their match and much more. Business partners are no longer depending on the availability of their account manager or the club’s sales support people. This self-service approach represents a big cost saving for the club on the one hand but creates a much higher customer satisfaction and engagement on the other hand.

We are constantly adding new features to the self-service portal as we believe it is probably the most important tool to allow clubs not only to save money, but also to generate more revenue.

Most clubs already have a ticketing portal, so this base feature is obviously integrated in our portal. But even when it comes to ticketing, we aim higher. B2B ticketing is not as straightforward as B2C ticketing

Ticketing is only the start. The self-service portal enables the business partner to plan all aspects of his match, adding to the overall experience. He can order catering by picking different menu’s and consulting them. He can add comments where necessary. And, if so desired, he can order specific extra’s to get the most out the experience: a specific selection of wines, champagne or maybe special gifts for his invitees. Upselling has never been easier. Through integration with a Payment Service Provider the club can ask the business partner to pay his extra’s upfront.

And we are not stopping here. In a next release we will make it possible to recharge contactless payments cards, order additional seats by selecting them from a graphic seat selector.

If your business partner “has lost his invoice”, not to worry, you can put all his invoices in the self-service portal. If he can download his tickets from the portal, he is equally able to download his invoice.

Full match planning and profile management is our short-term objective. But very soon you will see more evolutions adding even more value and allowing a sports club to significantly increase its revenues.

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About Robby

Robby is Customer Success Manager at iXpole. As a customer success coach he gets to work closely with the customers to help them get the best out of their iXpole experience. He’s not only dealing with the customer side of the product but also helping out in technical support, training and sales which brings a lot of variety to his job.

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