Stuck In Passing?

Every week, millions of fans go to the stadium to cheer their favorite team. They browse the web on a daily base to find more information about their favourite players. We are talking about a million-dollar business, even a billion-dollar business . Clubs need to make sure everything run flawlessly, right? Or are they stuck in passing ?

Premium Seats

Thousands of tickets are sold on match days, not only by the ‘regular fans’, but also by the ‘business fans’. Most of the times, business fans don’t only want to buy a ticket, but also a parking voucher.

The premium seats, where the business customers are usually comfortably nested, are often accompanied with an excellent diner and ditto wine pairing. This is also something customers would like to purchase, not only for themselves, but for their invited guests as well. For clubs, this is important and the business fan would, of course, like to see these expectations reached.


In most cases, business fans don’t go to the ticket counter, but they call or email their personal account manager within the club. This account manager will then have to take the following actions in order to ensure that the expectations of business customers are met:

  • Reserving tickets at the ticket offices and sending them out when necessary
  • Booking a parking spot
  • Ordering food & drinks at the restaurant
  • Notifying hostesses that the customer will arrive with a companion
  • Reporting to accounting who needs to be billed

Almost everything

To serve business customers, there are quite a few things that needs to happen and the account manager is doing everything he can to achieve this. But even then a few things can remain unhandled or emails and phone calls don’t reach the right people in time. Is there no alternative?

iXpole Sponsorship & Hospitality

iXpole is developed as an online sponsorship & hospitality platform for professional sports clubs to manage all things above, and even more. Using iXpole’s features, clubs can further professionalize their contract management, customer engagement, fan registration, catering, etc. Moreover, iXpole can be used on top of your existing platforms. This will reduce errors, optimize workflows and save costs and time.

Belgian First Division A clubs RSC Anderlecht and KV Oostende are using iXpole. Read how RSC Anderlecht is benefiting from it.


These things can be managed, in a flexible manner, using iXpole:

  • Customer data
  • Sales contracts
  • Catering
  • All season fixtures and even non-match day events
  • Product catalogue

If the account manager needs to register a sale with iXpole, all information is immediately visible to each department and:

  • All items will be billed to the customer
  • Receipts of payment will be sent faster
  • Each department will receive the same and correct information

iXpole makes it easier for your club to register new sponsorship contracts and hospitality sales. You have several dashboards and reports which give you a clear overview on this seasons status compared to the previous ones. This allows you to keep track of your growth and makes sure you get after those customers and generate more revenue!

If your club is stuck in passing, contact us.

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About Robby

Robby is Customer Success Manager at iXpole. As a customer success coach he gets to work closely with the customers to help them get the best out of their iXpole experience. He’s not only dealing with the customer side of the product but also helping out in technical support, training and sales which brings a lot of variety to his job.

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