iXpole API’s are published

Openness is not buzz word, but a core value

The times where organisations selected a “one-size-fits-all” tool to manage all aspects of their business is long gone. Thanks to Web API’s (Application Programming Interface) organisations can select the best tool for each specific purpose and exchange relevant information between them.

At iXpole we believe that VIP- and sponsoring operations in a sports club are a very specific business. So iXpole strives to be the best solution for this specific job. But we also realise that B2B is not an isolated business in the club. In a standard iXpole project, we will ensure data can be exchanged with the access control system and the accounting system. But other parts of the iXpole can also be accessed through API’s. we can exchange info with a CRM system with a SSO (Single Sign On) system and even a BI-tool.



This allows clubs to select the best-of-breed solutions for each specific need, but ensure all relevant operational data is available in iXpole.

While the more “conservative” solutions try to shield their software from the outside world, to allow partner consultants to generate important revenues through “system integrations” projects, the API philosophy is based on quite the opposite concept: “openness”. The more you want to specialise in your specific expertise, the more you will open up your software to communicate with other systems and offer a best-in-breed networked solution.

iXpole fully adheres to this open philosophy. To that extent even that our API’s have been published and can be consulted publicly. Have a look at https://demo.ixpole.com/swagger/ui/index or ask your IT department to have a look. You’ll see that iXpole allows you to exchange information with virtually any other system in your architecture. Now you know that you are able to switch to or select the best available solution for any need, resting assured that you’ll be able to feed data into our out of iXpole.


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About Luc

Luc is Business Development Manager at iXpole. Luc is on the constant lookout for ways to grow the iXpole community. This means of course a lot of evangelisation with sports clubs, fixed venue event operators and other potential users of the platform. Aside from that Luc also forges strategic partnerships of all kinds and looks after our marketing and communication.

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