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An easy way to up-sell spare capacity

Selling out the hospitality capacity for a whole season is every sales director’s dream. But the reality is often very different. Business customers are not necessarily the most loyal fans. They have very busy lives and many functions to attend. It happens more and more that business partners are OK to sign a season contract, but not for each and every game, as they know they will only be able to fill their capacity to a certain level.

Clubs are starting to counter this with “on-demand” solutions: the partner pre-pays a certain number of seats (and/or meals) at the beginning of the season and can then decide -all throughout the season- which matches he will attend (with or without catering). A great solution to maximise the use of your capacity, but…

… a nightmare to manage. Clubs have to maintain page long excel lists with orders and usage, keep track of the dates, the people who actually attended, catering preferences, …

As it turns out, halfway through the season your numbers will no longer match the numbers your customer wrote down. And who is right?

On Demand Backoffice

iXpole allows you to deal with this in an automated way. For each and every product in the iXpole catalogue, you can decide whether it is sold as an “on-demand product”: seats, parking spots, meals, sponsoring products, merchandising. No more lists to maintain.

Better yet, through the VIP portal your partner can decide for himself when he wants to use the product, just by clicking on its on-demand products. At all times the application shows him how many articles are left. No more arguments about who is right, since the club and the partner both access the same product list.

When it comes to hospitality, your first reaction will be: “but what about our top games? Everybody will want to use these on demand articles for the most popular games”. Not to worry there. iXpole enables you to put different limits per type of game. That way you are sure that you use these on demand articles mainly to deal with overcapacity and thus generate revenue that you would have otherwise missed out on.

If you are not yet using this feature, don’t hesitate to contact support@ixpole.com and we’ll be more than happy to help you configure it.


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