Check out the new features of iXpole

Redesigned mailing engine

On 18-05 we announced a fully automated mailing scheduler. It was an important step in buffing up the customer journey of your partners. Through automated but very targeted messages you can significantly improve their experience. The automation was great, but the user interface could be better. So we went back to the drawing board…

And we are proud of the final result. Our developers have spent a lot of time on improving the mailing designer, allowing our clubs to very easily create fully personalized mailing templates. No more need to interface with MailChimp or other systems. You can manage it all from within iXpole.

And stay tuned for more, because we also intend to add more improvements to our messaging platform…

iXpole Ticket Designer

Different games require different ticket layouts. If you use iXpole to manage events you might need another ticket design too.

Enter the iXpole ticket designer…!

No more need to contact iXpole if you want to modify the layout of your ticket. You are in control.

The iXpole ticket designer allows you to upload a custom graphic design as ticket background and then dynamically build the content for your ticket. You can drag and drop placeholders anywhere on the background: the bar code or QR code, a custom image (like a stadium or specific access plan) or the logo of your opponent/artist/event organizer…

iXpole would not be iXpole if you would not be able to create contextual tickets with specific information like agenda, dress code or other very relevant information for the invitees of your partners. Custom colours, Google fonts, custom images, a template library; the iXpole ticket designer has it all.

Post-event invoicing of additional consumptions

Cash is king, but cashless rules… No matter what type of payment methods you support for additional consumptions, there is still one hurdle to take: how can you make sure your business partners get an invoice for their match day expenses.

iXpole allows you to log all post-event consumptions in the sales module. You can do this either manually or we can set up an automated interface with your POS system to do the import automatically. iXpole will log this data under the customer profile and prepare the invoice data to be submitted (through automated interfaces) to your accounting system. Thanks to iXpole you can further build your 360° overview of you B2B customers and will offer your partners the service they expect: a correct invoice for each € spent.

Table seating

What makes VIP hospitality operations so different from any other business? The need to manage table seating plans. iXpole already offered the possibility to create and manage multiple (stadium) seating plans and parking plans, but now we are also adding a table seating plan to it.

With this you can start assigning specific seats at specific tables to your different customers.

Automated Workflow – integration with Social media

Our primary concern is to make life of your customers easy and chill. But we also care for you! In the VIP hospitality business you are confronted with a lot of repetitive tasks. This is why we have incorporated a workflow automation tool in iXpole.

Organisations can automate different tasks by pre-configuring a specific workflow, according to the simple concept of “IF – THEN”

Examples of this automation are:

  • The creation of automated mailings when tickets are available or when catering can or can no longer be ordered
  • The preparation of an invoice when an instalment date has been reached
  • The generation of a report (e.g. overview of upsell) at a specific point in time (e.g. 4 hours before an event)
  • An automated mail when an action has been completed (e.g. an order confirmation mail to the customer when he has placed an online order)

All these automation features were already available, but now iXpole has also activated Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. As from now you will be able to automate posts on socials (Facebook, Twitter, …) or other channels when a certain action has been completed.

An interesting example: as soon as a match has been opened for ticket download, iXpole can make sure an automated post is generated on your Facebook page or your Twitter account. Cool, not?