iXpole’s automated contract renewals

Spring is in the air – time for boring administration…

Or not!

It is that time of the season. Sales are in overdrive to find new partners. The window of opportunity is limited, but so is your time. Unfortunately part of your time is to be spent on renewing contracts with existing partners. But what if you could automate this part and keep your focus on finding new partners?

This is the period of the season where customers who go into their second season with iXpole get another “Aha erlebnis”: “Is it true we can automate this whole administrative burden?” – “Oh yes! You’re very welcome!”

It all starts with the automated report which extracts an overview of all contracts ending this season. From that electronic report, you can click through on each individual contract and “duplicate” the contract. iXpole will pre-fill all default information in line with what was agreed in the previous contract.

Then it is up to the club’s sales person to modify where necessary. Same seats or different seats? Same sponsoring package or add/remove some items? This is also the time you may want (or not want) to revisit the prices and instalments. All values in the contract can be left as they are or updated. The most important consequence it that the administrative work is limited to only those parameters which have to be modified. All the rest is done by the system.

And -as it was already with the previous contract- once the contract is finalised, all follow up (invoices, ticket issuing, catering reservations, …) are fully automated.

Say goodbye to boring administrative work. Go spend you spring evenings on a nice terrace instead of in your office!


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About Luc

Luc is Business Development Manager at iXpole. Luc is on the constant lookout for ways to grow the iXpole community. This means of course a lot of evangelisation with sports clubs, fixed venue event operators and other potential users of the platform. Aside from that Luc also forges strategic partnerships of all kinds and looks after our marketing and communication.

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