iXpole versus classic ticketing

Ticketing systems were the first automated systems in each club. As a result, all the other IT infrastructure was created around this system.

Limited offer

When the first VIP services appeared, the clubs created another category of tickets by varying the price and associating a certain service with each category. For example, 3 formulas = 3 categories of tickets.

This approach prevents clubs from varying their offer without creating an explosion of lists for each person involved in the club: caterer, accountant, hostesses, bar, maître d’hôtel, etc.

The clubs therefore limit their offer, forcing VIPs to commit for a whole year to a certain formula, because the ticketing system is not able to offer more variety.

Customer experience

iXpole takes a completely different approach. iXpole puts the customer’s needs at the centre and builds the entire customer experience around it by automating all processes. Ticketing is only a small part of the customer experience.

In the iXpole logic, the ticket only becomes a tool for two purposes:

  • Proof of a right of access (as in each ticketing system)
  • A tool to simplify the customer experience. Since iXpole knows in detail all the services expected by the customer, iXpole can put the necessary information on the ticket: schedule/planning, dress code, bracelet colour, additional orders, cashless payment. The ticket becomes a much more powerful tool to optimise the entire customer journey.

We at iXpole call this “contextual tickets“. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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