Introducing contextual tickets

How to inform the invitees of your business partners?


At iXpole we take pride in offering our clubs the best possible solutions for their specific processes/problems. One of the first challenges we identified was the ticketing. There are probably 100’s, if not 1000’s of ticketing systems. And in theory, ticketing is not rocket science: a ticket just needs to inform where you are sitting and when you are expected. True for B2C.

But when it comes to hospitality services, things are quite different. The more a club wants to remain relevant for its partners, the more options it needs to offer; clubs no longer offer services, but they offer “experiences”, preferably as personalised as possible. And this significantly increases the complexity. So how do you inform a partner about the logistics involved: what can he expect, where is he supposed to go and what is the dress code? Depending on the experience he signed up for, these logistics might vary.

And to make things more complex, the club doesn’t necessarily know each and every person benefiting from the hospitality services. They are not necessarily your partners, but could be invitees of your partners.

Sending a mail is an option, but not ideal, as you might not have the email address of all the invitees. You could put the info on your website, but who will maintain this and how does the invitee know which option applies to him.


That is where iXpole comes in the picture. As iXpole contains all information related to that partner, iXpole can fully personalise the ticket to provide all information relevant for that specific invitee. Per person you can ensure the ticket contains a personalised planning, detailed map or other relevant info.

This can only be achieved if you have one central source of relevant data. Your current ticketing provider might offer similar features, but they will require maintenance of a separate database, leading once again to data duplication and inconsistencies. Centralising all operational data in one single system, is the most efficient way to grow your business.

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About Luc

Luc is Business Development Manager at iXpole. Luc is on the constant lookout for ways to grow the iXpole community. This means of course a lot of evangelisation with sports clubs, fixed venue event operators and other potential users of the platform. Aside from that Luc also forges strategic partnerships of all kinds and looks after our marketing and communication.

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