iXpole improves partnership with GSIC

GSIC is Microsoft’s global knowledge center for sports technology. GSIC’s primary goal is to improve the value chain of the sports industry. GSIC focuses on leveraging the most advanced technologies, enabling business connections, and becoming a worldwide reference for the sports industry, from start-ups to enterprise organizations.

iXpole believes that there is another way to offer VIP hospitality services. A way that needs a lot less administrative and repetitive work. A way where VIPs enjoy higher satisfaction, less stress; where they can just enjoy and get the most out of their VIP experience, before, during and after the event. To this end, iXpole develops Cloud solutions that help professional sports clubs/event organizers to automate all operational and administrative processes related to VIP hospitality and sponsorship

Microsoft Power BI helps to visualise data from different sources. Just like iXpole, Microsoft Power BI is a Software as a Service (Saas) where different kinds of data can be combined with a visual dashboard as a result. (https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/)


GSIC has developed a series of powerful dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI. These dashboards are designed specifically for professional sports clubs.

Two categories of dashboards have been developed:

  • Social media dashboards offering the club’s marketing people and management insights on all the social activity concerning their organization. This Social dashboard will measure reach and engagement, but it will also compare performances of different social networks and allow competitive analysis of other brands to detect trends and get insights to improve your content.
  • CxO Dashboards, to offer the decision makers in a club a 360 degree view of their business performance and to make better or more informed strategic and business decisions. This Dashboard includes operational data and other management related information.


The iXpole platform is a central repository of all data related to sponsorship and hospitality operations, from sales to invoicing. More and more clubs, who use iXpole, start to link the iXpole platform to BI solutions like Microsoft PowerBI. As a result, iXpole is becoming more and more specialised in data analysis and data structuring.

GSIC has therefore appointed iXpole to assist clubs in Belgium, France and The Netherlands in implementing the GSIC dashboards and accompanying these clubs in their BI journey.

Luc Vanhecke, Head of Business Development at iXpole says: “iXpole’s mission is to help professional sports clubs and event organisations to rationalise their operations so they can get the most out of their business. The link with a solid Business Intelligence (BI) solution is the most logic outcome of business process optimisation. Our partnership with Microsoft and GSIC is key to offering our customers the best possible service.”