we provide a

Sponsorship & Hospitality platform

What is our gameplan?

Streamlined interaction between the different departments will bring benefits to the whole organisation.


Optimize your Sales process by using our Sales Contract Management system. This allows you to capture all the Key Data of your customer and his contract. Hospitality, sponsoring, visibility, catering, etc. can be entered in the contract details and will give you a “One Click” overview of your available business seats, loges and VIP area’s for each match or competition.



Automate your invoicing and financial reporting by using our integrated iXpole-ERP solutions. The unique definition of customer and supplier throughout your complete organisation will reduce invoicing time and possible human errors. Setup the wanted payment terms once, even for contracts which span over multiple years, and let iXpole do the rest.



Manage your customers with our CRM module. You can create and follow up email campaigns in just a minute. All customer data is centrally stored and can be used to segment and categorize your customers with just a click. It was never easier to measure his engagement towards your club, know if he is actively using his seats or if he reacted reacted to the latest e-mail campaigns…

How do we assist?

iXpole sponsorship & hospitality platform is focused on centralizing masterdata, improving the communication between different departments and informing management on critical key performance indicators.

Integrating iXpole with your accounting software leads to a reduce of overdue invoices, which will increase your cahsflow. Also the time spent creating those invoices will be reduced to a minimum, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Everywhere Available

Our solution is developed to run on all your devices. When you are in the office, in your seat watching the game using a tablet or on the road using your phone, your data is always available.

Real-time Insights

Know at any time how your sales organisation is doing by using our real-time dashboards. Check the occupation rate of the next match, split up by stand or section, and know which contracts will end after the current season.

Customer Experience

Engage your VIP’s and fans by using our VIP and FAN portal. Communicate with them using the embedded email campaigns and follow up on how they react to your latest campaign.

Shifting Workload

Using the VIP portal, your customers can maintain their tickets, order extra’s and renew contracts themselves. This caused a shift in workload from your sales department to your customers, freeing up time for new prospects.

Occupation Rate

By using our integrated CRM solution you can segment and categorize your customers with just a click. Because of this your customers can be monitored better and more efficient which leads to an increase in your sales.

Are you ready to score?

Is your club also lacking the tools for efficient communication between sales and finance? Do you also still use complex excel sheets to transfer sensitive payment information? Are your VIP customer still getting all their tickets up front for the entire season? Is this you and your club, contact us for a free demo.

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